What has been the lasting impact of fashion on the modern world?


Women’s Fashion

Wealthy women had a different kind of style than poor women had. They could afford nicer cloths, like silk.

The Romans were actually quite advanced in the fashion world. The women wore underwear, which was called a lioncloth at the time, and a simple bra which was a band of cloth wound tightly around the body. (“Roman Dress- Dress of Rome” Underwear)

They wore a stola, which was like a floor length dress. It was usually described as a long sleeved tunic, then a short sleeved tunic over that. Often times, over that they wore a palla, which was a wool shrug type thing.

Over that, a cloak was fastened with buckles on the right shoulder. That was the difference between men and women tunics.

What a Roman women might look like.

Women usually wore leather gladiator sandals. The usually had a lot of straps and look a lot like the sandals that are in style right now.

Wealthy Women’s Accessories and Make Up


The richer roman women wore lots of jewelry. The wore necklaces and bracelets and rings and earrings that contained many precious gems and metals that we still use today in jewelry like:






Some of the jewelry that they wore was very intricate. For example, gold bracelets were often formed in the shape of two snakes, and rings often had relief carvings. (“Roman Clothing: Women- Jewelry”) Here are some snake bracelets much like the ones that we wear today.


Some rings had inscriptions. One inscription said “may you live free”. (“Roman Clothing- Women” Jewelry)

Roman women also wore makeup.

They used red wine sediment to use as blush and to tint their lips a slightly darker shade of red. Also, they wanted to make themselves paler some they put flour on their faces, using it as a modern day powder. They wanted to look paler because if you were paler it meant that you didn’t have to work in the sun all day and get a tan.

Watch this video to learn how to do an ancient roman hairstyle!


Hey guys! This time I’ll be talking about womens fashion in Rome… particularly wealthy womens fashion. It’s just so glamorous!

Okay, let’s talk about hair styles first. During the roman times, wealthy women could really spend a lot of time on their hair. A wealthy Roman woman usually had one or two slaves to do her hair. (“Daily Life- Roman Fashion” Women’s Apparel). They even used special tools, like heated metal tongs, like a modern day curling iron.

from this: to this!: 

The hairstyles would incorporate some of these things:



-headbands(sometimes made out of metal!)

-height(as in the hairstyles could sometimes be very tall on the head)

-false hairpieces to make the hair longer and/or thicker…much like present day extensions

-hair dye(to usually a golden-red color) (“Women’s Fashion in Ancient Rome,” Hairstyles)

-jeweled hairpins

Cool video on Greek Fashions

Check this link out to see how to tie a chiton!

So cool!


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